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Every year in many parts of the world,a large number of innocent and defenseless women and children,as well as a large number of militias and military forces,suffer physical and psychological harm because of war,conflict and violence. The wars,conflicts and violence also strongly affect the structure of the communities involved and seriously threaten the lives of humankind all over the world,yet they could be prevented or at least limited.

To prevent and limit the conflicts and wars,some effort is required to reach out to the parties who are involved,and to resolve disputes through transferring the sides' views. Some individuals who can be trusted by the leaders of the parties are required to initiate contact with the parties involved at high levels. The medical community and the health professionals in general,have long been trusted by the public and the individuals of various societies,since they have been honestly doing their best to provide health and save lives. Hence,the past experiences have shown that if these groups of people come into operation with the aim of reducing violence and preventing conflicts,they would achieve this goal to a large extent. At the same time,unfortunately the efforts have been limited in this regard,remaining as theorizing or a scientific issue. Therefore,much more efforts by health professionals are required for peace-building globally and even within communities. “Health as a Bridge for Peace” organized by WHO,and also the efforts of MSF and UN have shown to some extent that this approach can be very successful in peace-building.

The international congress on “Health for Peace” is designed with the purpose of reinforcing health professionals' efforts for peace-building and peace policy discourse at a global level. The congress will be held on November 14-16,2018 in Shiraz,Iran. Shiraz is a historical city with a rich history of humanism and peace-building,which is the birthplace of the great Persian poets Hafiz and Saadi,who are the symbols of peace and friendship.


We endeavor to make an opportunity of reinforcing peace-building by health professionals,through discussing the following subjects. We invite you to join us in this humanitarian effort.

Introduction of the Congress

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