The policy planning council meeting of the International Congress on Health for Peace (ICHP) was held by the presence of Dr. malekzadeh,deputy of Health Ministry and chair of the scientific committee of the ICHP; Dr. Haghdoost,deputy of strategic planning & monitoring of ICT; Dr. Bahador,president of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences; representive of WHO Iran office; Dr. Salehi,scientific secretary of the ICHP; Dr. Asadi-lari, director general of International Affairs Department (IAD) of Health Ministry; and Dr. Ayazi,social deputy of Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MHME) on March 5,2018 in Tehran,Iran. The meeting had some approvals concerning the presence of international participants and all necessary costs each cooperating organization would pay,in addition to introducing the issue of "Health for Peace" at national level.